Colin Treado

Colin has eighteen years of experience working in the field of reprographics. In 1993, after graduating from Georgetown University, he joined American Reprographics, Inc. Since that time, the company and the industry as a whole, has undergone an incredibly amazing evolution. One major aspect has never changed, however. Clients still need their project critical content to be efficiently communicated to their collaborating partners. The era of blueprints is far behind us. Today, we are faced with multiple methods of transmitting information – printed drawings and specs, electronic distribution on CD’s, online planrooms, collaborative online tools and so on.

Colin’s primary concerns as Operations Manager are digital document management, overall production, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction. Within this constantly evolving framework, Colin has been critical to the functional success of the company’s first online planroom, Oce PlanCenter, our more recently added planroom, PlanWell, and also our own online bid management application, AmeReBID. His daily concerns are focussed on overall production as well as managing the overall success of project critical fulfillment requests. In addition, he manages the integration of new technologies, equipment and software applications into current production workflows, in an effort to better serve client needs more efficiently and cost effectively.