What Planroom Service is for Me?

We offer two different options - PlanWell and Oce PlanCenter.

PlanWell is a robust system allowing you to view and order your project documents online.  As an Admin you will be able to invite others into your project for viewing or ordering.  The BidCaster module , optional with PlanWell, offers an extensive set of communication tools, designed to manage the invitation to bid process.  A unique feature of BidCaster is the Automated Print Order, APO. This feature, generates automatic print orders, set up by you, once a team member responds to your bid invitation. This is an excellent communication and document management tool that puts you in control of what documents your team members will receive.

Oce Plancenter is a planroom service that is more geared toward online collaboration. If you want to publish your own documents online, manage how a project is set-up or want to invite other collaborative partners to do the same within your project, then Oce Plancenter is the solution for you. This system also allows viewing and ordering online as well as administering management of document distribution.