Going Green?

How can a reprographics company go green, you ask?  In a wasteful industry, where mountainous amounts of paper are printed, bound, and shipped worldwide, are there really ways for a printing company to be more environmentally responsible?

Well, at American Reprographics, we're doing all we can to recycle, reduce our waste, and think "outside the box", both literally and figuratively.  Some examples include:

  • Since January of 2002, we have had a weekly recycling pick-up from Georgetown Paper Stock.  All unused paper is sorted by weight, class, and color and processed for recycling and redistribution.  Additionally, all cardboard tubes from paper rolls and corrugated boxes are either reused for shipping purposes or recycled. All recycling pick-ups are made between the hours of midnight and 7:00 am, to reduce traffic congestion and minimize our carbon footprint.
  • Our primary paper supplier, Azon National, picks up and reuses the 10-12 wooden pallets used to deliver our paper each week.  They've been doing so at our request since November of 1990.
  • All toner cartridges are returned to the manufacturers for refill and reuse.  Both Canon USA and Hewlett-Packard provide us with shipping labels in an effort to facilitate this process.
  • Our large format color department utilizes eco-solvent inks.  ECO-SOL MAX is a remarkable innovation in ink technology by the Roland company.  It features a faster drying time, higher density, wider color gamut, improved scratch resistance, lower cost per square foot, and broader media support.  Most importantly, ECO-SOL MAX is virtually odorless, and does not require special ventilation or environmental equipment.
  • Most of our equipment features auto shut-off.  Similar to sleep mode, the machines shut down when not in use.  Our IT department is also phasing out our old heat-generating servers in favor of new green-certified servers and workstations.

In addition to all these efforts, our company uses no trashcan liners in our receptacles and we provide recycling bins for our employees to use in the lunchroom.  We frequently donate rolls and boxes of extra paper to area school and daycare facilities, and we utilize Montgomery County's computer and computer components recycling program.

We estimate that we have reduced our waste to the point that only 25% of what we throw away actually ends up in a landfill.  The other 75% is re-used by us, our recycling partners, and by our customers.  And any way you think about it, that's good for our business, your business, and the environment.

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