What is AmeReBID?

AmeReBID is an Invitation to Bid application combined with an ordering feature which automatically generates custom transmittals which are then shipped to your recipients along with your ordered drawings, specs, and/or CD's.  The application is ideal for General Contractors who want a simple way to ship multiple like orders.  The History and Reporting features built into the system are a great way to track who has received what for a specific project.

Another feature of AmeReBID is its Invitation to Bid component.  This allows a General Contractor to email or fax an invitation to prospective subs about upcoming projects that they are going to be bidding.  Provided with the subs' feedback, the GC can then proceed with their ordering for those subs interested in the project.  The intent is to provide informed feedback back to the GC so that they can make better decisions as to who should receive documents and who should not - thus saving time and money on their end.

To learn more, please contact us at (301) 231-5200 or print@amerepro.com