PlanWell BidCaster Overview

BidCaster Your Online Invitation-To-Bid Solution
PlanWell BidCaster is one of the most convenient, easy-to-use online tools for facilitating the ITB (invitation-to-bid) process. It turns your Internet browser into a time-saving and hassle-free system for managing your bidding tasks. PlanWell BidCaster allows you to send hundreds of ITBs via email or fax, right from your computer. Plus bidders can preview plans and specs and indicate their interest in your projects, from a single bid invitation. It's the key to ensuring your ITBs are as complete as they can be.

Turn your Internet browser into a time-saving and hassle-free way to manage all of your bidding tasks, with PlanWell BidCaster.

  • Lower your pre-construction costs.
  • Dramatically reduce time and labor for you and your bidders.
  • Be more competitive by receiving more bids.
  • Bid on more projects.
  • Track your bid responses easily and conveniently.

Assemble all project information once for all bidders and all broadcasts.

  • Outsource document management and production - let your PlanWell reprographer, AmeRepro, manage your plans and specs and let your bidders view and order plans online through PlanWell Enterprise.
  • Broadcast all emails and faxes at once - no more standing around at the fax machine for hours or needing to make tons of phone calls.
  • Track successful and failed invitations in real time - PlanWell BidCaster tells you when an email or fax wasn't received, so you can update contact information as it's needed (not when it's too late).
  • Save your bidders time and effort - one email allows recipients to read the project description, view the plans, and respond to the invitation. With PlanWell BidCaster a sub contractor or supplier can decide whether or not to bid on your job in 30 minutes or less, without a trip to your office or the local planroom.

Bid better, faster, and more competitively with PlanWell BidCaster (SM).

PlanWell BidCaster Workflow

Generate ITBs in just five easy steps.
It's that simple.

With PlanWell BidCaster you'll lower your pre-construction costs and dramatically reduce time and labor for you and your bidders. You'll receive more bids back from interested, qualified bidders, and be able to bid on more projects, all the while tracking your bid responses easily and conveniently.

PlanWell BidCaster makes generating an ITB simple and easy:

  • Set up the broadcast and assemble your project information (including attachments) to be either emailed or transmitted via fax.
  • Compose your message, editing and customizing your formatted ITB document template (you can further personalize it by including your company logo).
  • Select recipients from your address book and choose email, fax, or both in order to deliver your ITB.
  • If you're using PlanWell Enterprise select the plans and specs in your online planroom to make available to bidders.
  • Track your bid responses easily and conveniently.
  • Preview the ITB and even send a test invitation before actually starting the broadcast, and when ready - launch the broadcast with one click of the mouse.

Once they've received your ITB, potential bidders can reply directly back to you with a "yes" or "no" acknowledgement. Over the course of the ITB, you can view online who has responded and their response.

So now you can bid better, faster, and more competitively using our online digital solution.
It's that simple.