PlanWell Features

Order plan documents from your Web browser
Choosing plans to work with is as simple as navigating a directory structure that is similar to the directory on your computer. Once you've chosen the plans, orders can be placed with detailed and individual production instructions, or you can set global production options for each recipient. You can order on account, indicate payment upon delivery, or use a credit card to pay for your drawings.

Set up delivery or distribution online
Plan sets and even single sheets can be ordered with detailed and individual distribution instructions, or you can simply match full sets of drawings to their intended recipients and indicate how you want them delivered.

View plans online in a variety of formats
enhanced in v4.0

Users can quickly look at plans in significant detail with either a built-in TIF file viewer or in the common Adobe PDF format with the Acrobat Reader browser plug-in.

Organize project plans in public or private planrooms
Plan providers can choose to post plans in Public Planrooms with no access restrictions, or in a Private Planroom with usernames and passwords required. You can even choose to make just certain documents available to "Guests" who log in with special permissions.

Access the "Most Current Set" in one click
PlanWell Enterprise is database driven so whenever you choose to view or order the "Most Current Set", the most recently posted plan will be included - regardless of whether older versions of the plan exist in earlier issues.

Maintain and organize past issues of plans
Each drawing issue can be maintained in its own separate directory or folder throughout the life of the project - if you post the napkin the designer drew first concept sketch on, you'll be able to find it easily and quickly even if you're deep into the building phase. Unless you specifically instruct us to do so, no document is ever "overwritten" in Enterprise.

Planholders list tracks plan recipients and their orders
Managers can view their planholders list three different ways - with contact information only; with a detailed listing of orders by recipient, date or order number; or by listing the recipients who have received a particular sheet or set.

Allow planroom access directly from an email
new in v4.0

Within the planroom, plan managers can send out email to anyone in their address book. Included in the email can be a link to the planroom that the recipient can click on to enter. No passwords to remember, just fast access straight to the planroom - you can even set up the order ahead of time so subs or consultants can simply click on "Submit Order" once they've entered the planroom.

Import names and contact information into the Address Book from popular desktop software
new in v4.0

If you have your team members in a Word, Excel, Outlook or other application that allows you to export names, you can import them straight into Enterprise's address book. Once in the address book, you can search and organize contacts for use in distributions, order and change notifications, and even broadcast email.

Alert team members of document changes through notifications in the planroom or via email broadcasts
new in v4.0

With pop-up windows inside Enterprise, or through the address book's powerful email features you can notifiy your team members of changes to project information, addenda or revisions to plans, or even updates of bid documents

Build custom packages of documents
enchanced in v4.0

Create a one-time set of plans based on general criteria such as issue date or discipline, or pre-configure a customized set of plans from any issue that remains available for other people to order.

Define ordering permissions and procedures on a per user basis
You can control who sees what plans, who has access to administrative features, what kind of ordering priviledges each user has, and more by simply choosing a user or group of users and clicking features of the planroom on or off.

Easily search for documents and users
new in v4.0

Every planroom and project address book has easy-to-use search tools including designating projects as "favorites" for fast and easy location of key information.

Generate a variety of reports on users, sets and sheets for administrative tracking
Using a series of criteria such as issue date, set, discipline, etc., administrators can find out where and when specific drawings were posted, what versions of the drawings were included, etc. and then print or export the information for use in other programs.

Broadcast email from the Address Book
new in v4.0

Use the address book to compile groups of people to receive a broadcast email about project changes, new drawings available, general information and more.

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